Waller County Aviation Museum is proud to announce that we have received Non Profit Status!

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A Letter from the President

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wish to proudly announce that the  Waller County Aviation Museum, Inc. has been granted its IRC 501(c)(3) non-profit status!

This is a monumental step forward in our effort to establish a museum dedicated to the preservation of aviation history  in Waller County and the surrounding area. Not that challenges aren’t ahead of us. We are currently working on establishing the structure and policies we need in order to properly accept donations and ensure those kind enough to assist us with their donations get the greatest benefit from their gift. Our first goal is to acquire our own building and hangar. We already have display aircraft waiting in the wings to be part of our presentation to the public.

Our primary mission, a museum for Waller County,  has led us to discover that  there’s a broader spectrum of area aviation history than we ever imagined. We speculated that the full knowledge of Waller County aviation history would remain unrecognized until someone made the effort to create a place for people to come tell their stories and we were right! One of the first things brought to our attention was the history of Katy Prairie Rice farming and the vast amount of agricultural aviation operations that supported those farms.  The history of Crop Dusting the 65,000 acres of rice production in Waller County alone could be the subject of several books. This part of Waller County aviation history will be one of the focuses of our museum as we get launched on our journey for more information on other themes forgotten or packed away in peoples' memories over the years.

We all know what’s going to happen soon as “progress” engulfs our quaint country lifestyle. If you have family members or friends who flew airplanes in and around Waller County, please tell them about our small museum and our quest to preserve all the history of flying in Waller County before the developers and sub-dividers erase all traces of our aviation past.

Thanks for your support

Ryszard Zadow
Waller County Aviation Museum, Inc.
Waller County Aviation Museum
Waller County Museum
For information please email us at info@wallercoavmuseum.com